Trend: Blanket Scarves

If you are like me, fall and winter means one exciting thing - Layers! My favorite fall and winter staple is the most important: scarf! I am completely obsessed with the blanket scarves that I have seen all over Pinterest. I have been looking high and low for the perfect one to add to my wardrobe, not that I need one more scarf in my closet, but I gotta have one! :) hehe! I can't pass up this comfy casual trend and I love the many ways the scarves can be wrapped, layered, twisted, and folded. The temperatures in Kansas City have been on the seriously cold side, and this blanket scarf would be perfect for staying warm.

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Here are a few places I have been scoping out to possibly make my blanket scarf purchase. 

Shop Zara Blanket Scarves, Here
Shop Madewell Blanket Scarves, Here
or check out The Providence Story on Etsy for handmade blanket scarves!

Have you added a blanket scarf to your fall/winter wardrobe yet? Where did you find one?

xo Jana


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