PayPal Shopping Spree in NYC with Style and Pepper!

I was so shocked and ecstatic when I found out that I won this giveaway from Style and Pepper & PayPal, that I cried!!! Yes, I cried! LOL! I couldn't believe I was going to New York for a $1,000 shopping spree with one of my favorite bloggers...AMAZING!!!!!

Basically this giveaway was so much fun to enter that I actually forgot that I had done it! The idea was to create a "PayPalit Dream Closet"  board on Pinterest with items that you dream of having in your closet --EASY RIGHT!?! I went to town creating my board with outfits, shoes, accessories, and some New York inspiration mixed in. I'm a bit addicted to Pinterest as it is, so when I had a theme and inspiration of NYC this was bound to be over the top! Check out my winning Pinterest board HERE and make sure to follow me too!

I was flown to NYC by PayPal last week for a two night stay and spent an entire day shopping with Jessie of Style and Pepper and Hope of Paypal. I started following Jessie's blog a couple of years ago when she lived in Kansas City and it has been one of my favorite blogs to follow ever since. I was so excited to meet her in person and chat about blogging, fashion, and some of her favorite places to go in NY! 

We met up at a little coffee shop in Soho called Prodigy Coffee, a perfect start to our busy day. It was amazing fall weather of 60 degrees and sunshine as we headed to some stores that I knew I wanted to visit. American Eagle, Joe Fresh, Zara, MANGO, and Bloomingdale's were all on the list. Jessie also took me to some vintage resale shops and boutiques that she likes to shop at in Soho, which I absolutely loved! Those are always my favorite stores because of the rare and fun things you can find. We lunched at a stylish Mediterranean Restaurant called Jack's Wife Freda. I had an amazing taco salad as we chatted about life, fashion, guys, and Kansas City :)

I had the best time shopping, meeting new friends, and enjoying the day in New York! Thank you a million times to PayPal and Style and Pepper for everything!


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