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So, what's are these NEW things coming to the blog?

For starters, during the past few weeks we have been meeting with several different buyers and wholesalers looking for new pieces to add to our boutique's Fall 2013 Collection.  This is the main reason why this blog has not been updated as usual - and for that I do apologize.

Good news is, in the next few weeks there will be new content added to the blog:

  • Our second sponsored post for ZYRTEC's #ALLERGYFACE campaign 
  • Product reviews for Hydroxatone's Anti-Aging BB Cream and HYD for Men
  • We were selected by Eclos to join their Dare to Go Bare skin care 2-week challenge 
  • A new beauty spnsored post for Neutrogena's #NTGbeautifulInsideOut campaign 
  • We are going to be Brand Ambassadors for TOM'S Shoes 

One new addition to this blog that You may have noticed is a new page called "Blog Sale" that is now listed.  

The Blog Sale was created as a special addition to the blog specifically dedicated to help You find great products at the best pricing possible. As many of You may have noticed, I have partenered with quite a few Brands as an Affiliate, which is how I get a tiny commission from certain items that You may buy when these are recommended to You in our posts. (This commission helps keep the blog online, buy stock photos, keeps our network up, ect....)

Now, let me to say this: please DO NOT EVER feel obligated to buy something from my links. The main reason why this Blog Sale is in existence is: to share items that are in popular demand but that can be offered to You at a great price.

Here at the offices, we tend to receive packages almost daily! I can attest to that mainly because I
am the one making ALL the orders!!  The way I see it is: 

If we can get pretty things at a great price, why shouldn't YOU?! 

Now that I'm out of the "closet" with my shopping addiction, I will make it PRIORITY #1 to keep this Blog Sale as current as humanly possible by updating the page every weekend ;)

Please take Your time browsing through this page - If at any time, You have a product suggestion that You want to see featured, feel free to let us know via email:

Now it's Your turn:  Have a fantastic weekend! Don't let anything distract You from having tons of fun over the weekend!! 

If You have time, check out the first photo in the sidebar to Your right. We are in the process of designing a new fashion/beauty online boutique.  We are offering something very special to everyone who joins the VIP Maven List!! I don't want You to miss out on this - it's going to be an amazing new venture!! 

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