Learn How To Fill In Your Eyebrows - Photo Tutorial

This photo tutorial is made possible by our sponsors at Starlooks

Your eyebrows are considered to be very important facial assets. Taking care of your eyebrows' appearance is a beauty essential. Having filled eyebrows makes your eyes and face beautiful in such a manner that when someone makes eye contact with you, he / she may say: "Wow! You have gorgeous eyes!" Receiving a compliment such as this one is only possible if you take the time to do something to make your face expressive and appealing, such as filling in your eyebrows.

To make yourself more beautiful and appealing than you already are, you will need to learn how to fill in your eyebrows. Here are few tips to help your eyebrows look full and perfect.

First, you will need to gather a few Eyebrow Essentials:

filling eyebrow essential tools

Now that you have all the necessary tools, let see exactly how easy it is to fill in your eyebrows the "non-complicated" way!:

brush eyebrows with spoolie

outline brows with brow pencil

outlined eyebrow

Taking the Starlooks Eyebrow Shader Compact - select the powder that matches your eyebrows the best. In my case, I am using the taupe shade.

starlooks eyebrow shader compact

fill in eyebrow with powder

Once eyebrows are filled with brow powder, select a concealer that is slightly lighter or closer to your natural skin tone. I opted to use the second shade in this concealer palette.

elf concealer palette in light

line eyebrows with concealer

concealed eyebrows

Next and almost final step:

eyebrows completely filled

You can stop here once concealer has been completely blended or add two more steps to get a easy completed day look .....

Apply highlighter shade from the Starlooks Eyebrow Shader Compact under brow bone. Then use Starlooks Cream Blush to add warmth to cheeks.

starlooks cream blush

cream blush application

To complete this day look, apply a few coats of Starlooks Moisture Rich Lipstick to lips for a soft pouty finish.

starlooks moisture rich lipstick

completed final makeup look

To help you see the difference between naked eyebrows and properly filled eyebrows, here is a before and after:

before and after makeup look

As you can see, taking five minutes to fill in your eyebrows really helps soften and frame the face. My honest recommendation: Never, ever, ever leave home until you have filled in your eyebrows first!

I hope you were able to enjoy this super quick and easy photo tutorial. The Starlooks Eyebrow Shader Compact, the Cream Blush and Pigment Luster in Cinnamon Toss (not pictured in this tutorial) were included in the May 2013 Starlooks Starbox.

The Starlooks Moisture Rich Lipstick was not included in this particular Starbox - However I had to use it in this tutorial because it is the perfect creamy nude shade; and I just adore it!

Now it's YOUR turn: How do You prefer filling in Your eyebrows? With a powder or brow pencil? Let us know in the comments!

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