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Every person that I have run into always mention how my Lil Diva's hair is so beautiful and naturally curly. This has been true since she was about 4-5 months old. One of the funniest memories I have when she was that age, was walking out of the grocery store when a lady stopped me to say that when she first looked at Lil Diva she thought I had put a wig on her. Ha! Can you believe that? Common now. Would I {or any mother for that matter} put a wig on their 4 month old baby?

Funny, but true story.

There have been many times when it seems as if Lil Diva's hair feels hard to manage. It rains, her hair frizzes uncontrollably. Some days after forming the perfect hair style, but by the time she returns from school her hair is doing what it wants. This can be frustrating - not just for me but especially for her, especially now that she is ten years old entering the "tweeny" stage where your appearance is the most important thing.

From choosing the best products to knowing what to purchase at the store, we can all definitely use a few simple steps that will help us to develop a successful hair care routine specifically for natural curly hair.

The most fundamental step in creating a hair routine is choosing the best hair products. Choosing the right products can help simplify your natural curly hair care routine. In general, curly hair requires products with a lot of moisture. You definitely need a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Some people also like to use a leave-in conditioner for extra moisture. Other products for natural curly hair care include frizz-control treatments, mousses, and gels, which are all designed to replace lost moisture and enhance the curls.

A few of the best products for natural curly hair, specifically dry hair, are from Parnevu.

parnevu styling products for dry hair

Parnevu Salon Shampoo for Extra-Dry Hair is our shampoo of choice. The Salon Shampoo helps prevent hair breakage, contains natural oils which leave hair feeling moist, soft and silky. The lather produced by the shampoo is rather thick but very effective at removing any product buildup on the scalp and hair.

Next, is the Parnevu Oil Styling Lotion for Extra-Dry Hair. This styling lotion works extremely well at repairing damaged hair by leaving hair fully moisturized, soft and manageable for every day styling.

The last product is Parnevu's Leave In Conditioner for Extra-Dry Hair. As the name indicates, this creme is a leave in treatment that is formulated to repair damaged hair by deep conditioning the hair. Using the Leave in Conditioner on a daily basis helps hair regain its natural balance and shine. The formula is quite effective and can be used for relaxed, permed, dyed, and chemically relaxed hair as well.

For the past several weeks, we have been using these three (3) products ONLY and here are the results:

parnevu shampoo washed hair

This is what Lil Diva's hair looks like after is has been washed with the Salon Shampoo. After washing her hair, what I like to do is separate her hair into sections and apply a small handful of the Leave In Treatment onto her hair while it is still wet. Once all of the sections of hair have the treatment on, she will put on a shower cap leaving her hair completely covered for about 10 min. Doing this step right after shampooing has made all the difference to the texture of her hair. Once the time has elapsed, I then proceed to remove any excess conditioner from her hair, if there is any.

Next, I comb her hair and begin to straighten it using a blow dry, large round brush and a flat iron. Since her hair is super thick, it needs to be separated into sections. Each section is combed through wide a wide tooth comb. Once the section of hair is free from tangles, I apply a small amount {about the size of a quarter} of the Oil Styling Lotion onto hair then proceed to dry the section straight. The last step is using the flat iron, which is an extra step but it ensures that her hair remains completely straight for a longer period of time.

Here is a view of Lil Diva's straightened hair.

parnevu treated straightened hair ponytail

As you can see in the photos, her hair is not only pin straight, but shiny and silky smooth. The products do not weigh her hair down, or make her hair super oily. Lil Diva's strands are completely moisturized, soft and manageable without the need of using additional products in her hair - ONLY the three hair care products from Parnevu.

So, would I recommend Parnevu for Extra Dry Hair products?  Without a doubt.

Lil Diva loves the end result of her hair - which makes me very happy. However, always remember that hair textures and types differ from person to person. Even after reading this review , it may take a little trial and error to find the natural curly hair care routine that is right for you - BUT DO NOT rule out these products.

To see the complete selection of hair care products formulated by Parnevu, please visit their website / facebook / twitter

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Now it's YOUR turn: What type of hair care routine do you have? Any hair care tips you'd like to share? Let us know in the comments!

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