Four Products that will Help You prepare for this upcoming Lovers Day

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Did you know that April 23rd is known as Lovers Day? 

Unlike its brother holiday, Valentines Day, Lovers Day is not about receiving gifts, being taken out to dinner or given expensive jewelry. Lovers Day is meant to be celebrated on a more personal, intimate level.

Intimacy is an extremely important part of everyone's lifestyle - it doesn't matter whether you have been with your loved one for a week, a month, a year, or ten years. Making that effort to set aside time to dedicate to one another, not only adds spark into the relationship, but it also helps you form a special bond with one another; not to mention that there are also several health benefits that come from having a healthy love life.

Although, our health is extremely important and should not be overlooked, we will visit that topic at a later date. Today, I want us to concentrate on a few specific items that can help "liven up" our intimate sessions.

Are you ready? I hope so. Let's take a look at four products that are sure to help you rediscover the true meaning of Lover's Day.

Item #1.

pipedream ring

This neon ring from Pipedream is waterproof, body safe, whisper quiet with one touch control used to heighten the senses of both partners. The ring can be used in the shower and comes with a non replaceable "L754" Battery which is included in packaging.

Item #2.

crazy girl sparkling diva dust

Crazy Girl Diva Dust in silver vixen. This shimmery Diva Dust is infused with pheromones that can heighten the senses as well as sooth any tensions. The powder is also infused with a vanilla honey flavoring. The dust is soft, with a subtle pigment. Ingredients included are: corn starch, talc, citric acid {vitamin c} and Aloe Leaf Extract.

Item #3.

crazy girl oral gel

Crazy Girl Oral Gel in cotton candy. Topical flavored gel designed for arousal during intimacy. The gel is ph balanced, water soluble, grease-less, and non staining which helps keeps the fragrance from being non over bearing and non sticky. Main ingredients include: water, glycerin, honey extract, and flower extract.

Item #4.

o my international gel

O My International Gel is specifically made for women. The gel is a topical formula designed to help the stage of arousal by increasing the skins sensitivity levels. Ingredients are: water, vegetable glycerin, grapefruit seed extract, menthol and citric acid.

All four of these simple yet highly effective items are sure to turn your next Lover's Day into a special one of kind encounter. By putting a little thought into how you want to celebrate this lover's holiday will go a long way.

Just remember, your lover will probably remember this Lover's Day longer than Valentine's Day because it's a day not everyone is talking about, and certainly a holiday that ONLY the two of you will enjoy to the fullest.

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Now it's YOUR turn:  Did you know about Lover's Day? Now that you know this "holiday" is coming later this month, are you going to celebrate it?  Let us know in the comments! 


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