A Night Cream That Helps Your Skin To Relax and Become Younger

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Ladies, if your doctor has ever told you that nutrient-rich night creams are great for nourishing skin, then I would say to listen up because it's very true. A rich, nourishing cream that helps replenish antioxidant and moisture levels overnight, when the skin is at its most receptive, will certainly help reduce the signs of aging over time. With that being said, one important key factor is using a night cream suitable for your skin.

During the night, your night creams will help your skin to relax, and to regenerate, after a long, hard day. Using a night cream is imperative for obtaining healthier skin. The progressive release of the cream's ingredients throughout the night maximizes its efficiency: skin is smoother and delightfully hydrated. Not to mention that the night cream will also prepare your delicate facial skin for the next day.

One night cream that I have been using the past few weeks and that I can recommend is the Refining Moisture Night Cream by Own Skin Health.

own skin health anti aging night cream

This night cream contains a plant based technology designed to work with your skin's unique biochemistry and the three main layers of your skin. The anti-aging formula helps enhance the collagen levels in the skin, strengthen the skin barrier so it can retain more moisture as well as increase the skin's metabolism for softer, smoother and younger looking skin. In addition, this night cream is RETINOL FREE, does not cause irritation or redness, it is dermatologist tested, free of parabens and sulfates- which tend to be quite harsh on skin.

Here are my thoughts:

I have used the night cream religiously every night for the past three weeks. I have oily/sensitive/acne prone skin {lucky me, right? Not!} which would lend you to believe that my skin does not necessarily need added moisture - this could not be farther from the truth. Reality is, no matter the type of skin you have, this night cream can certainly be beneficial. I have noticed that the cream, although thick in consistency, melts into my skin rather quickly. There is no greasy film left behind - the skin feels softer, smoother and dry.

When I wake up in the morning, my skin has retained enough moisture during the night that I have noticed my skin looking brighter and feeling somewhat tighter. Another point that I can add, is that my skin does not feel "slick" after a few hours of sleep {there have been times that my face has produced so much oil over the night that I wake up feeling greasy ... not a sexy feeling at all!}

To give you a better idea of how I use the Refining Moisture Night Cream this is exactly what I do every night before going to bed:

After cleansing my face and neck, I apply a small amount {about the size of a quarter} of the night cream to my face in gentle circular motions beginning with my cheeks and working my way outwards. Then I proceed to apply cream to my forehead and neck - working all the way to my chest.

That's it. By the time I walk from the bathroom to the master bedroom, my entire face and neck are completely dry, with no signs of lotion residue.

So as far as using a night cream goes, the Refining Moisture Night Cream by Own Skin Health is among my top favorites. The signs of healthier skin are showing, there is no greasy film left behind and I have not broken out since I started applying the night cream.

To see more information about this product and others made by Own Skin Health, please visit their website {www.ownskinhealth.com}

If you have a smart phone, you can also download the MY OWN diagnostic tool so you can track your own skin's results and improvements while using their creams as well as receive customized lifestyle recommendations that will help you keep your skin looking healthier, firm and soft.

Now it's YOUR turn:  Do you use a night cream before going to bed?  Let us know in the comments! 

Disclosure: I received a complimentary jar of the Renewing Moisture Night Cream to try and review. In no way was I expected to write a positive review. All opinions stated here are 100% my own. For more details about our Disclosure Policy, please refer to our Disclosure page at the top of the website.


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