Thinking About Buying Jewelry Online? Go For It with RocksBox

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Have you ever found yourself having a hard time buying jewelry? Or not knowing if a certain fashion trend will look good on you?

When purchasing fashion jewelry for a specific event that we are attending or if the jewelry is just for a gift, most of us will take the time to go out shopping, browsing the collections that are available at most retail shops. While this may be the best solution for some, I have found that the answer to obtaining amazing pieces of stylish designer jewelry is to buy them online.

Most online stores offer a greater selection of jewelry and at a better price.  Transactions are safe, there are money-back guarantees, and service is as good as in person or sometimes even better. Another very important advantage of shopping for jewelry on the web is that you get to compare.

You maybe thinking, "yes, this is true, but how do I know that I will like the jewelry once it arrives?"

I agree. This is a very valid question. But, think about it this way:  Even if you see a piece of jewelry in a department store, most times you are not allowed to try it on, let alone ask to wear it around to "see how it feels", right?

Well good news is, there is an online company that allows you to select pieces of designer jewelry that you believe would fit your style, get them shipped to your home and then allow you to try the jewelry out BEFORE making a final decision to purchase the items or not.

Rocksbox has made shopping for fashion jewelry very simple. Their four (4) step process is so easy, you can literally set up your account with them in a matter of minutes.

First, you browse through their entire collection of jewelry while telling them what pieces you like as you go through their jewelry style profile. Next, you sit back and wait to receive your very own RocksBox with three (3) designer jewelry pieces that are tailored to compliment your style profile.

This third step is my favorite!

Once your RocksBox has been delivered and received by you, you get to wear and try out the jewelry pieces for up to 60 days. Yes - 60 DAYS! That is an entire TWO MONTHS of rocking your designer jewelry in front of all your friends, co-workers, neighbors and family! After the 60 days, you then make your decision on which pieces you just have to have and you buy them. Then the final step is to refresh your RocksBox set as often as you like by using the postage paid envelope provided to you in your initial delivery.

Let me just say that this service is way beyond amazing, it is just downright fabulous.

At the time of writing this post, I have completed step one. I took the time to make my jewelry style profile and now I am just awaiting my delivery. The last time I checked my account {which was just a few minutes ago - I can't help the fact that I am completely obsessing over the idea of getting my first RocksBox!} the styling team was curating my box. The expected date of delivery is April 13, 2013.

I am literally counting the days!

I cannot wait until the package arrives to see exactly which three designer fashion pieces are shipped. Now, please do not worry. Once my RocksBox arrives I will be doing a second post with an "unveiling video" so you can see exactly what designer jewelry was received. So please stay tuned for that second post after April 13th.

It may seem like a long time, but until then here's a little something for you ...

Now it's YOUR turn: RocksBox has a special offer just for YOU: 

Take advantage of getting a 50% Discount for 3 months ($9.50/month - first 3 months) by using the promo code: FABB. Please visit their website HERE to begin. 

Don't forget to come back and let us know how fabulous your experience was!  

Disclosure: As a member of iFabbo I was given the opportunity to try out a 6 month membership to Rockbox. All opinions stated in this post are 100% my very own.  


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