BA STAR Smoky Eye Shadow Palette {Review}

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Creating smoky eyes or a tri-colored eye look is not as difficult as most would think. One of the easiest and quickest ways to create a simple smoky eye is by using eye shadows in shades that compliment one another or for even quicker full-proof eye makeup, look for an eye shadow palette designed for smoky eyes specifically.

For example, take a look at this photo of the Smokey Eye Shadow Palette by BA STAR.

BA STAR smokey eye shadow palette

Beginning at the top of the palette you will see that the first three eye shadows are used for creating a Natural smoky eye. The three color shades {from top to middle} are: Bronze, Cocoa, and Nude. These three eye shadows can be easily worn by themselves which would work perfectly for everyday wear. Now, if you are like me, and you rather add a touch of "pop" to your eye makeup, then the two gel glitters {Gold and Crystal} can be applied.

BA STAR smokey eye shadow swatches

Here are the swatches of each eye shadow on my arm.  Being that my skin is medium toned, these semi-neutral colors will work rather well on their own.  Of the two gel glitters, Gold is a lot more pigmented than the Crystal gel color.

BA STAR smokey eyes

This is the final Natural Smoky Eye look that I created using this palette. Here is exactly what I did:

1. Applied an eye lid primer to entire eye lid area.
2. Using a matte white shadow, I applied this over the entire lid as my base. {a white base will make any shade of eye shadow appear more vibrant}
3. Using a flat eye shadow brush, I applied Cocoa beginning at the lash line and ending exactly at the crease.
4. Using the same tool, I then applied Bronze at the crease, right where the darker shade stopped. Then using a blending brush, moving it side to side I blended this shade so there are no "harsh" lines in between colors.
5. Lastly, I applied Nude directly under my brow.

This look could have ended there, but I wanted to see what the gel glitters would look like, so using the sponge applicator that came included in the palette, I applied some of the Gold gel glitter to the inner part of my lid right above the lash line. Adding just a little touch of Gold helped add a nice sparkle to the eyes.

If you find yourself feeling a little more adventurous or if going out during the late hours of the night, you can easily add some drama by applying one of the gel glitters over the entire lid ending at the crease, or as a highlighter under your brow.

In addition to this Natural Shadow Palette, BA STAR has three other palettes that are just as gorgeous as this one: Smoky Shadow Palette Pretty N Pink Palette and True Blue Shadow Palette. 

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Disclosure: As stated in beginning of post, this is a sponsored post by BA STAR. All photos and opinions are my very own. 


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