Tick, Tock...It's Put on your Shoes Day!


Do you know what day today is?  Believe it or not, today is National Put on your Shoes Day! That's right today we are celebrating one of my favorite accessories: SHOES.

Most women (especially those of us who are under 5 ft tall) will admit that if there is one type of shoe every woman needs in her wardrobe would be a great fitting pair of stilettos. The stiletto has always been a confident shoe; lending a measured contour and sleek sexiness to any ensemble. Which is one of the main reasons why every woman should own a pair.

One of my new favorite stilettos are known as the CLOX

In my opinion, the CLOX stiletto can be considered as high fashion and extremely trendy.

According to its designer, Mia Maric, this stiletto, "tells a story of movement, merging time and rhythm to the footsteps of the ambitious and socially mobile woman of today. As beautiful as all women are, most women balance their time, their space, between life as the rock of their home, as a lover and friend, and a colleague outside of the home in our fast-moving society. This just happens to be a science, an art, a statement that is a woman's alone. And as such, the CLOX Stiletto holds strong, yet with poise and class, tracking time perfectly as its owner wears the stiletto moving about her day to create an extra moment for herself, in style."

How is that for some stiletto inspiration?  Although the CLOX was designed with a certain view point, I believe that every women's favorite shoe (or accessory) helps her make that exact statement:  That she is strong, poised and most important classy!

Now it's Your turn: Would you wear these stilettos? Does the designer's vision resignate with you? Please share your thought with us in the comments - we love hearing from you! 


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