Moving On :D

I have decided to embark on a new phase in my career. Indeed, change is the only constant in this era.

I'm moving on to greener pastures, or so I hope. :) A new set of challenges lie ahead as I'll be in an entirely different industry. I've always wanted to be in the FMCG industry, and I guess in some ways, this is like a dream come true.

Happiness aside, I still can't get over the fact that I teared rather uncontrollably in front of my boss when I tendered, for never once have I cried in front of my friends throughout my years of existence on this planet :P. Perhaps I was more emotionally attached to this place than I thought I was. I was also very touched when my bosses told me they will always welcome me back into the organisation despite my relatively short period of service.

Although I have experienced some rough times as a result of 1 or 2 co-workers and in some cases, superiors, (how they rose through the ranks still remains an enigma to me), I hope the friendships that I have forged with most of my colleagues and my bosses will stand the test of time.

For now, I'll just be counting down to my last day, savouring every moment spent with the lovelier ones at work! :P


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